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Mid-rings!! Are they a passing jewelry trend?

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

To quote my dearest Lizzo, let's just say, I'm 100% THAT betch! I wear rings on every finger. Yes, I wear thumb rings! In fact, I stack em up! Back in the day, I even wore toe rings. However, the fact of the matter is, I have one Mid-ring, or MIDI, whatever you'd like to call them. I have one! I don't think about what I'm wearing, or what time of day it is; it's simply my daily go-to! It's light, thin and a perfect fit. Low key days, it's my go-to! Evenings out, I simmer down my ring-game for an elegant look, but I still go for my Mid-ring.

Mid-rings are statement pieces, regardless if they're whisper thin or chunky bands! They're edgy, versitile and set you apart from the ordinary ring wearers. Poor souls! ;) Mid-rings have have a lot to say, without stealing the spotlight from your larger pieces, or taking up major real estate. So, I think it's safe to say... They're here to stay!

There's so many ways to style a Mid-ring. I'll run your through a few ideas below, but remember to cater this inspiration to your personal style. In other words, OWN IT!

First, it's important to reivew size and fit. Mid-rings sit between your knuckles and should have a snug fit to prevent any loss. I lost mine at a club once, shead a few tears, and then found it! It had been stepped on and squished, but luckily it's 925 silver, so I was able to shape it back into place and tighten it up. Just like that, looking good as new! If you’re not sure of your size, a general rule is to size down by 3-5 sizes. I find the best placement for a Mid-ring is on the middle or ring finger. Pointer fingers are typically reserved for chunky statement pieces, but absolutely not excluded. Malleable metals like my CJA sterling silver rings allow the ring to take shape of your finger for a comfortable, snug fit!

Now, for starters, pair a Mid-ring with your favorite go-to ring. I suggest wearing them next to each other, but not on the same finger. For example, place your go-to on the middle finger and your Mid-ring on the ring finger.

Stack'em up!! Pair a Mid-ring with some stackers! Once again, I'd wear them next to each other, same hand, different fingers. For a relaxed bohemian look, add more stackers to your other hand, and why not throw in another Mid-ring?

Let's switch it up for an elegant aesthetic. Remove one or two of your stackers and replace with a Mid-ring just above on the same finger. This gives the look a balanced, minimalist feel.

Power play!! Try multiple Mid-rings on one finger, creating the illusion of a thick shank, and on the other hand, pair a bold CJA piece, like one of our high bezel rings.

Once you've identified your style, don’t forget that mani! A brushed-up manicure with a pop of color will finish your look. Want something a bit subtler, try pastel colors such as light pinks, and lavendars. Looking for elegance, try a nude or a classic red!

Will you try this trend? Let me know in the comments!

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