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Ring Sizing Tips

It's so important to have a comfortable fit with your ring, but it seems so difficult to determine your actual size. Many of us have our fingers professionally sized, and yet feel as if our ring is a little to snug or it constantly slips from side to side. I have a few tips to assist you in achieving a more accurate size and some understanding around this challenging task.

1) Temperature affects sizing. Cold fingers will be smaller and Hot fingers will be larger. Avoid sizing right after coming in from extreme cold, or enjoying a day in the sun.

2) Diet affects your ring size. Alcohol and salty foods cause your body to retain water, which results in a larger ring size. Girl, if you've been throwing back those mimosas at brunch, wait a full day or two before measuring.

3) The same finger will be slightly bigger or smaller depending on which hand you're measuring. It's not uncommon to have one half to a full size difference.

4) Wide bands compared to narrow bands have less give when sliding over your knuckle or making a fist. A common rule of thumb to follow when purchasing a ring is, the wider the band, the more you will want to increase the ring size.

If you're ordering a ring online and are unable to get professionally sized, check out my Sizing At Home blog. You got this!


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